Our olives are harvested yearly early November to produce the freshest and fruitiest oil with the maximum concentration of vitamins, antioxidants and polyphenols.

We harvest (and mill) our olives by variety via whole-tree vibration and additional hand-held vibrating combs. The olives fall on nets extended on the ground, ensuring minimal damage to our olives.

Only olives harvested from the olive tree are accepted. Olives already found on the ground are refused. Within 4 hours the olives are taken to the milling facility, washed and immediately milled.

In our mill we have the most technologically advanced machinery and we are committed to a stringent control of hygiene and cleanliness.

We use continuous stainless steel grinders to convert our olives into olive paste.

With our vertical, unique and airtight malaxers we protect the olive paste from the damaging power of light and oxygen. This way we obtain a lower yield but the highest quality extra virgin olive oil.

During the centrifugal process we extract the oil from the olive paste. Hence, Hispania Export® is cold extracted, not cold pressed.

The oil is immediately filtered and stored in stainless steel tanks inert with nitrogen. The storage atmospheric conditions are controlled throughout the year.

Hispania Export® is packaged upon order to maximize time in tanks, prolonging freshness, aroma and taste.